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Hip  Hop & Break Dance

Try our awesome moves to the latest songs in our fun and energetic Hip Hop classes.  

We usually start with a fun and easy warm up and move onto a more challenging and dynamic routine that can be built onto over a few weeks before playing a fun dance based game to finish the lesson.

Classes are about building confidence and a positive body image in a mirror free environment.

Break Dance although sometimes challenging, is awesome for boys and girls alike.

It helps to improve core strength, balance, coordination and is lots of fun.

We sometimes include moves in our Hip Hop classes but also offer Break Dance lessons for those who love the sport.

Ballet, Jazz &  Contemporary

Children's ballet is fantastic for developing strength, good posture and self discipline while having fun in a beautiful tutu.


Jazz uses technical elements of ballet with kicks, jumps and spins but to more upbeat and modern music.

Teen and adult contemporary classes and a fantastic workout with a powerful release using self expression. 

Like dance, singing is great food for the soul and getting to combine it with elements of drama and dance through musical theatre is just about as fun as it gets.  Students will work on all three components each lesson with inspirations from musical theatre shows.

Singing and  Triple Threat

This is a fun way for your toddler to try all dance styles combined into one lesson!  They might recognise the music and moves from TV.

Ready , Steady Dance

If you are looking for a fun exercise alternative that will help ensure that you are well prepared with the hottest moves for when you hit the dance floor with friends on a night out then these classes are for you.

Adult Classes

Acro 4 Dance is an exciting class for children who love to learn fun tricks to compliment their dance moves and then create a special routine to feature all their amazing skills.  Students will work with their instructor each week to complete each level of tasks to build strength and achieve more in a safe environment.

Acro 4 Dance

For strength, flexibility and general well-being you can't go past yoga.  We love Vinyasa style of yoga where one move flows into the next.  Wednesday is less intense with more stretching and Thursday takes it to the next level with more intermediate positions. Our Gabba Dance classes are perfect to catch either before work, after school drop off or once everyone is tucked in for the night.


Term Fees, Discounts and Casual Drop -In Classes

30 and 45 minutes = $12.00 per lesson                                                                                                                            

1 hour = $14.00 per lesson                                                                                     

Casual Drop-In (Adults only) = $14.00 per lesson   


Private lessons $45 per 30 mins 


Adult value class passes available - see Adult class page for more details and to make bookings.                                                                                   



5% Discount for 2 classes per week / 2 siblings

10% Discount for 3 classes per week / 3 siblings

15% Discount for 4 or more classes per week / 4 or more siblings

$20 annual registration /insurance fee (maximum 2 per family per year).

GDS reserves the right to arrange substitute dance instructors in the event of sickness, injury or personal reasons.

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